MOSAiCH 2021. Measurement and Observation of Social Attitudes in Switzerland. Study on Health and Health Care and related topics

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MOSAiCH is a cross-sectional survey that focuses on the Swiss population’s values and attitudes toward a wide range of social issues. The thematic focus of the 2021 edition lies on "Health and Health Care II", the current module of the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) which is repeated for the 2nd time. This international part is supplemented by selected socio-demographic questions, as well as a module composed of Switzerland specific questions. The questions of this Swiss part are determined by means of a public call and either expand the ISSP module thematically or measure other dimensions that are of special interest to Switzerland. Topics: - Heath and Health Care II (ISSP 2021), including international optional questions - Sociodemographics (religion, nationality, education, work, household, income, etc.) - Questions from 6 different proposals from the call on: 1) Sense of purpose in life and conscientiousness; 2) COVID-19 pandemic in Switzerland; 3) Scarce medical resources: Is age perceived as legitimate allocation criterion?; 4) Measuring pet ownership and relationships to pets; 5) Vaccination social dilemma: the case of influenza vaccination; 6) Social exchange processes and loneliness.


The MOSAiCH and ISSP data are used by thousands of researchers around the world. For insights, see, tab "results"