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20810A primate grammar for long-distance communication2Restricted
20755Burning questions: wildfire, ecosystem, and climate interactions in the Early Triassic (Smithian-Spathian)31.10.20230
20754Land-Ocean connections in organic carbon cycling amid the Early Triassic (Smithian-Spathian) using compound specific isotope analysis31.10.20230
20753Palaeoenvironmental variability and carbon cycle perturbations during the Smithian-Spathian (Early Triassic) in Central Spitsbergen31.10.20232Open
20744Strategiebericht über Angebote des Sozialwesens in Aarau als Grundlage der Strategie Soziales31.12.20240
20738Swiss Election Study (Selects) 202331.12.20270
20736Education, Financial and Economic Literacy, and Labor Market Outcomes31.12.20250
20727Was the Clock Correct? Exploring Timestamp Interpretation Through Time Anchors for Digital Forensic Event Reconstruction11.10.20241Open
20725Potentiale und Herausforderungen von flexiblen Lernwegen an der PHBern31.03.20260
20724Bilder der Pflegefamilie12.04.20240
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