The Politics of Bad Options - Why the Eurozone's Problems Have Been So Hard to Resolve [SNSF-funded project "Distributional Conflicts and the Politics of Adjustment in the Eurozone Crisis"]

Ref. 13023


Method description

1) Quantitative analysis of 142 episodes of balance-of-payments crises and 272 episodes of substantial current account surpluses for a wide set of deficit and surplus countries over the period 1990-2014. 2) Collection and analysis of survey data from 716 interest groups in three deficit countries (Ireland, Greece, Spain) and three surplus countries (Austria, Germany, the Netherlands) 3) Qualitative comparative case studies of the domestic politics of the euro crisis in these countries based on primary and secondary sources sch as newspaper coverage, voter public opinion data, interest group position papers, sovereign bailout documentation 4) Qualitative interviews with 47 national interest group representatives in the six countries

Method (instruments)