Enquête Parcours Professionnels - Vague 1 2012

Ref. 836

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Ref study: 12734 / Ref dataset: 836 Bibliographical Citation: Rossier, J., Krings, F., Massoudi, K., Ruch, W., Freund, A. M., Maggiori, C., Brouwers, S., Freydefont, L., Gander, F., Hofmann, J., Knecht, M., Johnston, C., Luciano, E., Martinez Marti, M. L., Udayar, S., Wellenzohn, S., Wettstein, M., Wiese, B., & Bollmann, G. Enquête Parcours Professionnels - Vague 1 2012 [Dataset]. Université de Lausanne - NCCR LIVES. Distributed by FORS, Lausanne. I agree to the following: 1. to use the data cited above and related instruments only for scientific research and teaching within an academic framework and for no other purpose and to use the data for the purpose that I have outlined in my description in the present contract ; 2. to use the data with respect to Swiss federal law and standard norms of data protection; 3. not to undertake to attribute data to specific individuals; and to communicate obtained results only in a way that does not identify individual cases (i.e., persons, households, or institutions); 4. to respect above all individual confidentiality, and not to divulge any information that might compromise this confidentiality; 5. to use the data in a conscientious and informed manner, notably by consulting the related documentation, and to respect scientific ethical rules of conduct; 6. to cite used data and documents in conformity with scientific standards (using the citation above); 7. to inform FORS of all publications based on these data; 8. to not transmit these data to third parties, whether in original or modified form, whether for reward or free of charge, except to individuals who have also signed this contract; 9. to store the data in a way that no third party can gain access to it; 10. to destroy the data after analyses (as outlined in the description below) are completed, and to confirm this to FORS before publication of results.