UNEMPOL - The Contentious Politics of Unemployment in Europe

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18979UNEMPOL - Policy Deliberation: Known issues regarding the data (EN)DocumentationDataset 1104Additional documentation concerning the data
18978UNEMPOL - Policy Deliberation: Questionnaire (EN)DocumentationDataset 1104Collection instruments
18977UNEMPOL - Policy Deliberation: Comparative data fileDataDataset 1104
18976UNEMPOL - Political Claim-Making: Known issues regarding the data (EN)DocumentationDataset 1103Additional documentation concerning the data
18975UNEMPOL - Final report (EN)DocumentationDataset 1103Publications (final report, articles)
18974UNEMPOL - Research outline (EN)DocumentationDataset 1103Publications (final report, articles)
18973UNEMPOL - Political Claim-Making: Extended Swiss data fileDataDataset 1103
18972UNEMPOL - Political Claim-Making: Codebook (EN)DocumentationDataset 1103Codebook
18971UNEMPOL - Political Claim-Making: Comparative data fileDataDataset 1103
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