Survey on the Size and Structure of the Swiss Occupational Therapy Workforce

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Ref study: 20685 / Ref dataset: 2538 Bibliographical Citation: Gantschnig, B. E., Ballmer, T., Petrig, A., Eggenberger, B., Moioli, S., & Kühne, N. (2024). Survey on the Size and Structure of the Swiss Occupational Therapy Workforce (Version 1.0.0) [Data set]. FORS data service. I agree to the following: 1. to use the data cited above and related instruments for non-commercial purposes (e.g. journalists, NGOs) and to use the data for the purpose that I have declared in the Usage terms in the present contract; I declare also to use the data under the following additional restriction: None; 2. to use the data with respect to Swiss federal law and the applicable standard norms of data protection; 3. not to undertake to attribute data to specific individuals; and to communicate my results only in a way that does not identify individual cases (i.e., persons, households, institutions, etc.); 4. to respect above all individual confidentiality, and not to divulge any information that might compromise this confidentiality; 5. to use the data in a conscientious and informed manner, notably by consulting the related documentation, and to respect scientific ethical rules of conduct; 6. to cite used data and documents in conformity with scientific standards (using the citation above); 7. to inform FORS of all publications based on these data; 8. not to transmit these data to third parties, whether in original or modified form; 9. to store the data in a way such that no third party can gain access to them; 10. to destroy the data at the latest upon expiry of the present contract, and to confirm this to FORS.