DEMOS – Democracy in Europe and the Mobilization of Society

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17644DEMOS: Final report (EN)DocumentationDataset 1137Publications (final report, articles)
17643DEMOS: Executive summary (EN)DocumentationDataset 1137Publications (final report, articles)
17642DEMOS - Controversies: Final report (EN)DocumentationDataset 1137Publications (final report, articles)
17641DEMOS - Controversies: Codebook (EN)DocumentationDataset 1137Codebook
17640DEMOS - Controversies: Controversy protocol (EN)DocumentationDataset 1137Collection instruments
17639DEMOS - Controversies: Session report form (EN)DocumentationDataset 1137Collection instruments
17638DEMOS - Controversies: Grid for group description (EN)DocumentationDataset 1137Collection instruments
17637DEMOS - Controversies: Data File SPSS (EN)DataDataset 1137
17636DEMOS - Gobal Activists: Final report (EN)DocumentationDataset 1136Publications (final report, articles)
17635DEMOS - Global Activists: Questionnaire (EN)DocumentationDataset 1136Collection instruments
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