European Social Survey 2018 (Round 9)

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every 2 years since 2002 Round 9 (2018): 01.09.2018 - 08.02.2019

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Whole Switzerland


The ESS survey (European Social Survey, emerged from the need to obtain comparative data in Europe on a number of issues of political science, sociology, social psychology, mass communication or economics. The ESS is a study introduced in 2002 and replicated every two years. This is the ninth edition of the study in Switzerland. The ESS provides indicators on the practices and representations of the Swiss population, making it possible to compare them with European countries and to observe the evolution over time. The ESS 2018 R9 edition focuses on 'Justice and Fairness' and 'Timing of Life'. The fielded modules of Round 9 are: A) Media and social trust B) Politics C) Subjective well-being, social exclusion, religion, national identity F) Socio demographics D) Timing of Life G) Fairness and Justice H) Human values I) Test questions J) Interviewer self-completion questions


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