Citizens preference for voting rights in Europe

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Citizens preference for voting rights in Europe

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This survey documents citizen's preferences for different voting rights schemes in 26 European Countries (EU25 + Switzerland). The CAWI survey was conducted in 2019, before the European Parliament elections of May 2019. In 19 countries the sample is around n=500 respondents, but in seven (7) countries, which cover the geographical and institutional diversity across Europe, the sample is around n = 1'000 (Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Switzerland). The survey includes only respondents who are both nationals and resdents of the country in which they are surveyed. It contains socio-demographic information of respondents, nationality/mobility statuses, political preferences, as well as a battery of questions of voting rights in national and European elections. SPSS file produced by the archive.

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The codebook contains the variable descriptions with reference to the labels included in the raw dataset. The additionnal documentation (Excel-file) contains the party list in connection with variable Q12c.

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Elie Michel, Joachim Blatter: Citizens preference for voting rights in Europe [Dataset]. Universität Luzern. Distributed by FORS, Lausanne, 2021.

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