Enquête Parcours Professionnels - Vague 4 2015

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Enquête Parcours Professionnels - Vague 4 2015

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The aim of this project is to systematically study the direct and moderating impacts of cultural background, individual characteristics such as personality, motivation, or self-regulatory skills, and other resources such as social support on individuals’ professional trajectories and their career development. In order to do so, a longitudinal approach is implemented, implying a 7-year follow up of a large sample of workers and unemployed individuals, Swiss and non-Swiss. This is the fourth wave of the project.

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Freund, Alexandra M., Wiese, Bettina, Maggiori, Christian, Rossier, Jérôme, Massoudi, Koorosh, Krings, Franciska, Ruch, Willibald, Knecht, Michaela, Bollmann, Grégoire, Luciano, Eva, Freydefont, Laure, Leeming Johnston, Claire, Hofmann, Jennifer, Gander, Fabian, Udayar, Shagini, Urbanaviciute, Ieva, Wettstein, Markus, Martinez Marti, Maria Luisa, Brouwers, Symen & Wellenzohn, Sara (2018). Enquête Parcours Professionnels - Vague 4 2015 (1.0.0) [Jeu de données]. Service de données FORS. https://doi.org/10.23662/FORS-DS-940-1

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