TREE - Transitions from Education to Employment

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18970TREE2: How to get startedDocumentationDataset 1255Additional documentation concerning the data
18969TREE2: Study DesignDocumentationDataset 1255Technical report
18968TREE2: DocumentationDocumentationDataset 1255Other
18967TREE2: Data (SPSS / Stata)DataDataset 1255
15708TREE Data Release 2016DataDataset 816
15707Concepts and Scales TREE1 2000-2014DocumentationDataset 816Other
15706Concepts et Echelles TREE1 2000-2014DocumentationDataset 816Other
15705Konzepte und Skalen TREE1 2000-2014DocumentationDataset 816Other
15704Documentation on the First Cohort (TREE1) 2000-2016DocumentationDataset 816Other
15703Documentation de la 1ère cohorte de (TREE1) 2000-2016DocumentationDataset 816Other
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