TREE - TRansitions from Education to Employment, cohort 1

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Ref study: 12476 / Ref dataset: 816 Bibliographical Citation: TREE: TRansitions from Education to Employment, Cohort 1 – 2000-2014 [Dataset]. University of Bern. Distributed by FORS, Lausanne, 2016, version 1.0.0 DOI: In published scientific analyses that are based on the data from TREE, TREE must be cited as follows (to be incorporated into the continuous text, to the footnote on the first page of the document, or wherever TREE is mentioned for the first time): English: "The Swiss panel study TREE (Transitions from Education to Employment) is a social science data infrastructure mainly funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) and located at the University of Berne." German: „Die Schweizer Längsschnittstudie TREE (Transitionen von der Erstausbildung ins Erwerbsleben) wird als sozialwissenschaftliche Dateninfrastruktur hauptsächlich vom Schweizerischen Nationalfonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (SNF) finanziert und ist an der Universität Bern domiziliert.“ French: "L'étude longitudinale TREE (Transitions de l'Ecole à l'Emploi) est une infrastructure de données des sciences sociales principalement financée par le Fonds national pour la recherche scientifique (FNS) et domiciliée à l'Université de Berne." 1. Object of agreement The present agreement specifies the terms of use of data collected by the Swiss national panel survey TREE (Transitions from Education to Employment), as well as linked individual data from PISA 2000. 2. Data use I hereby commit myself 1. not to make the data available to a third party, unless a.) I have explicitly commissioned a third party to work with the data; or b.) I use the data for teaching purposes. If one of these conditions applies, I am responsible to ensure that third parties commit themselves to the terms of the agreement.* 2. to inform the data provider in written form about the research question(s) and the intended analyses (brief description) no later than at the time of data transfer. 3. not to use the data for commercial purposes. 4. to comply with current laws and regulations on data protection when working with the data, and not to undertake any effort to identify individual respondents based on the data. 5. to keep the data safe and to forward or publish the results of my analyses in such a way that individual respondents remain unidentifiable. 6. to work whenever possible with the latest available data release, and to reveal in any publications which data release was used for the analyses. 7. to cite all used data and documents conforming with accepted scientific standards, and to inform FORS in case of publication of the results of the analyses. 8. to make conscientious use of the associated documentation and specifications when working with the data. 9. to delete the data completely and permanently upon conclusion of data analysis. * Data users who use the TREE data for teaching purposes are kindly requested to fill out the form TREE_data_user_declaration_2016_student_form_en.pdf, which is part of the TREE data documentation you wish to download.

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