SHP Vaud Waves 1-6

Ref. 936

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Ref study: 12273 / Ref dataset: 936 Bibliographical Citation: Dario Spini, Robin Tillmann, Felix Bühlmann, Nora Dasoki, Judith Kühr: SHP Vaud Waves 1-6 [Dataset]. Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research LIVES - NCCR LIVES; Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences - FORS; Canton of Vaud. Financed by the Canton of Vaud. Distributed by FORS, Lausanne, 2020. Contractual Agreement Regarding the use of the Swiss Household Panel additional Vaud sample – SHP Vaud By signing this contract, users will have access to the SHP Vaud data waves 1 to 4 Authorized users will automatically have access to new waves and versions of the data (including beta versions). Note that FORS has the right to unilaterally change the data dissemination rules. Contractual Dispositions regarding SHP_Vaud The following conditions regarding data use and data protection are to be strictly respected by the authorized data users: • The use of the data for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden. • The data are for the exclusive use of the person(s) signing the contract; it is strictly forbidden to make part or all of the data available to a third party. In a research team, all users have to sign the contract individually. • Research topics and changes thereof are to be reported to the SHP team. • Data users commit themselves to sending a copy of all their conference papers, working papers, final reports, journal articles, books or book sections to the SHP ( In agreement with the author, these documents will be made available on the SHP website. • Users of the data automatically become members of the research network "Living in Switzerland"; their contact information, research interests and title of reports and publications are displayed on the SHP website. • Publications in paper or electronic format based on SHP Vaud data must carry the following mention: • “This study has been realized using the data collected by the SHP additional Vaud sample (SHP Vaud), which is conducted by the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research LIVES "Overcoming Vulnerability: Life Course Perspectives (NCCR LIVES), the Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences FORS, and the Canton of Vaud. The project is financed by the Canton of Vaud”. • Tables and figures of publications based on SHP Vaud data in paper or electronic format must carry the following mention: “Source: SHP additional Vaud sample (SHP Vaud)”. • Data users and collaborators are to comply with the Swiss Regulations regarding data protection: in particular, users are to refrain from trying to identify a particular household or person and are strictly prohibited to use information for anything other than scientific research purposes. Published results shall not contain any information that allows the identification of households or individuals. SHP Vaud data users commit themselves in addition to inform the Canton of Vaud at least three weeks before communicating or publishing results based on SHP Vaud data by sending a copy of the relevant documents (report, paper, article etc.) to the Department of Health and Social Services (